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Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse, #10)

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris,  Johanna Parker As a whole I like this series, but this book didn't move the story much. The most important part, I thought, was in the beginning of the book seeing Sookie slowly recover from her trauma and then her interactions with her nephew.

My only critique about the series thus far is the whole "there's another tier of vampire rulers you don't know about" plot line that is getting really old. First, we learn Louisiana is cut into 5 pieces... sure makes sense. Then, we learn the states are divided among vampire royalty... okay that's within reason. But now, you are telling me there is another higher governing body that has not had any noticeable impact for all this time... nope, sorry not buying it. My thoughts on vampires are that the older and more conniving master vampires rule because of strength, skill and experience. Subjugating them (Eric) arbitrarily, in my opinion, does not create a realistic world. The vampire royalty (and this new tier) haven't proven to me they are skilled enough to have raised to their rank. Whether it's a flaw in my generalization of vamps or the writer's lack of detail about this particular vampire world, I wish there were more social constructs in the book so we know why stuff is happening, why it's important, and how it effects others. That would make this a much stronger series.

In the good column, Pam was saucy as usual and Jason appears to be on his own journey of character growth. (finally!) A lot of the book felt like filler and it wasn't until the last ten pages that I became interested the the plot. And the very end was weird, just weird.