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Ghost Story - Jim Butcher So, I guess I'm late to the Harry Dresden party seeing as how several years ago there was a whole TV show adapted from the books that I didn't know about. Well, it's not like me to be on time... or up with the in crowd in any case.

As a whole, I am in love with this series. I could easily give them more than five stars. The audiobooks are wonderfully narrated by James Marsters, so much so that I hear his character voices in my head even when I sit down and read the books.

Ghost Story is a total introspective into Harry's core being. Without a corporeal form, he must reevaluate his view of himself, his decisions, and how they affect others. That sounds like it might be a bit boring, but actually there is plenty of action and twists to counterbalance all the self analysis. Actually, in my opinion the best part of all the Dresden books is seeing the repercussions of Harry's decisions with a wide angle lens and feeling his concern for others in regards to how he can make a difference. In a world in which magic makes it easy to fudge the means to justify the ends, the beauty of Harry is that he always chooses to respect the means as much as the ends (with as many Star Wars references as possible), thus making him just about perfect.