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Sparks Fly - Katie MacAlister 1 1/2 stars - I struggled to finish this book because it was so boring. Feel free to skip everything up to page 250, just know that Ysolde made some deals with Drake and Constantine and you will be completely up to date without slogging through Ysolde losing her temper every 5 minutes and threatening everyone.

The last quarter of the book includes all the characters you love from all the dragon books, including Magoth, the ex-demon lord and Cyrene the ex-wyvern's mate naiad, but it becomes distracting. Although each character keeps their distinctive voice and personality consistent with previous books, their constant interjections dilute the emotion in the scenes.

I really had high hopes for this book because I liked the resurrection and redemption elements of the story, but I felt they were resolved weakly. It's not explained the purpose for Ysolde's visions or how they were supposed to help her meet her mission. Plus she doesn't harness or awake (or whatever) her inner dragon. I thought that was the point of the series. I guess I just felt the build up was not worth the payoff.