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Echoes at Dawn (KGI, #5) - Maya Banks Although I had initial reservations about the paranormal arc that was thrown in mid series, I had high hopes that this book would be amazing because the last book set the stage for lots of action and suspense. That is not what this book is. For a KGI novel it's very warm and fuzzy.

I keep thinking back to the first three books because they had grit and lots of tension. The characters had emotional flaws they were struggling with and their situations were difficult see how they were going to overcome in the end. Many of the characters had emotional issues that were not resolved for several novels (or maybe ever).

In this book I never really felt the danger or tension was real. I knew everything was going to work out perfectly, nearly as planned. And even though the characters had emotional baggage, it didn't negatively impact relationships with others. For instance, there was no resistance to bonding with other people immediately (romantic and otherwise) even though their emotional scars would have kept them from trusting easily. It was a love and trust free-for-all for everyone (even beyond the main characters).

All-in-all, I love the Kelly bothers and the KGI series. I recommend reading this one to fill out the series, but my wish for future books is to add a little more darkness in order to contrast the otherwise seemingly perfect lives the characters lead.