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Dark Storm - Christine Feehan In general, I really enjoy the Carpathian series. After so many books, it's hard not to like the unique world and interesting characters. I had a difficult time getting immersed in Dark Storm. I'm used to Ms. Feehan's tight, often repetitive storytelling style that easily guides the reader through the plot with sign posts along the way. This story, on the other hand, seemed a little disjointed like whole chapters were edited out. It wasn't until three-quarters into the book that things really got interesting, then suddenly it ended.

Without spoiling anything, I can say that the characters both develop throughout the book until you feel like finally they might do some interesting stuff, but then it ends. For example, the turning of the lifemate is usually the best part, because then you get to see the contrast in their life before and after. In this story, it ends at Riley's turning. Really, just when we want to know what she will be able to do now that the Old One merged with both her and Dax's soul. Major bummer. Dark Storm is the beginning of a new story arc, so maybe we will see Riley and Dax throughout the next books and see the continued development of their skills.

There were parts I really liked. The new ritual should be interesting to see it get passed on to the rest of the Carpathians. The Old One was pretty cool. All in all, I recommend reading it if for nothing else to prep the next book(s).