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Forbidden - Kelley Armstrong Kelley Armstrong is an expert at the old adage to always leave your audience wanting more. I want MORE! Just when the pack is getting new members and Elena is on the cusp of becoming Alpha, the series ends. So frustrating!

I know the series is supposed to be about Savannah but, please, it's Elena all the way. For me, Bitten and Frostbitten are my favorite books and her transformation throughout the series has been way more interesting and satisfying than Savannah. Don't get me wrong, I like Savannah, but she's at the place now that we saw Elena in Bitten. Even though Savannah has been through a lot, she still has more personal growing to do. With Elena we've seen her inner struggles with her Change and childhood experiences; her emotional growth in relationships; her battle with gender roles, tradition, and the pack's expectations; and motherhood. She is so complex and that's what I like most about her.

All that to say, this is another Elena and Clay installment that doesn't disappoint.