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Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux I was extremely disappointed in the quality of this book, which is CRAZY because all previous books in the series have been AMAZING. Maybe it's because I actually live in Texas (close to the book's setting) and the descriptions were mostly inaccurate or gross generalizations and somewhat insulting. Every few pages I would roll my eyes and think, "Do people really think that's what Texas is like?". Apparently, we have lots of tigers near ranches but not one mention of a rattlesnake, which are real hazards when outdoors.

If only the setting was the only problem, but sometime between the last book and this one Ty and Zane have become lovesick tweens instead of competent men. It was honestly ridiculous how much they fawned over each other. They are in love, I get it. Gees. And apparently that love conquers alcoholism because Ty can drink all he wants around Zane, anytime, and that's cool. Unreal.

The whole thing was a mess, with one contrived situation after another. A reasonable plot was thrown out the window for a lot of scenes in which Ty and Zane could profess undying love for one another and be accepted by the other's family. Total plot fail.