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The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter This book is BORING, and unnecessarily long. I struggled to finish, and only did because I forced myself to, which is usually never a problem with such a talented author as Ms. Showalter.

Let me break it down. The first hundred pages are an info dump of the Fae realm Seduire and its imprisoned princess Josephine all written in passive voice. BORING. The next hundred pages is mostly Kane's inner turmoil, well kinda, if you count the phrase, "Hands... all over him... Mouths... biting at him... Nails... scraping at him..." (pg 111), said over and over again as inner turmoil. Here's the deal, we never see Kane's history, his relationship to his friends, or how he was before the demon possessed him. Nothing. Who IS Kane? (Shug) I dunno. Throughout the series he has been somewhat an outcast, a mystery. It would have been a really interesting story to find out what he was doing while all the other Lords were living it up in the castle. Anyway, the only insight we get to Kane's past is... wait for it... that he used to be sweet. Ta da. Sorry for the huge spoiler there.

Around page 300 is where things go from dull to meh, which is a huge improvement. At this point, Torin's little side story setup gets good. His bits are really what kept me reading. Somewhere in here we finally understand a little more about the demon Destruction. Unlike the other Lords' demons who target harming the world, Destruction's gig is to torment Kane. This is never explained in detail why their relationship is different. Another thing that would have been interesting to read about.

This last third of the book is where all the action and story take place and, unfortunately, its a case of too little, too late. I did like the ending, for the most part, but the resolution still puts Kane as an outcast from his Lordly bros. Conclusion, Kane was, is and will always be a mystery. Wish I didn't have to read 465 pages to figure that out.