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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley I enjoyed this book more that I thought. The author's conversational style of writing made me feel like a friend was telling me a story. I can see why this appeals to many. Although many paragraphs were redundantly worded, at times it gave the story a soothing rhythmic cadence, like a nursery rhyme. When it worked it worked and when it didn't it was pretty irritating. Judge for yourself.

"Aunt Bette was the kind of aunt who was interested in everything you did, supported every decision you made, wanted nothing but your happiness and gave love without conditions. She was a call 'em as she saw 'em, did what she liked and like what she did, said what was on her mind and if you couldn't hack the honesty that was your problem, kind of person. I adored her."

(Skip a couple sentences.)

"That said, [Uncle Marsh] supported every decision you made, wanted nothing but your happiness and gave love without conditions. He was also a call 'em as he saw 'em, did what he liked and like what he did, said what was on his mind, you listened and learned because he was wise and he wasn't a fan of bulls**t. I worshipped him."

The way the chapters are setup are pretty cool. Each one seems to have an emotional climax to them that is usually part of the title of the chapter. I found that part to be really effective. Unfortunately, this falls apart in the last few chapters when other POVs are introduced to the mix. Not a deal breaker, just inconsistent.

Forecourt. Hope you like that word, it's in here like a dozen times. Don't know why that rubs me the wrong way, I'm weird. Courtyard, entrance, paved lot, front yard, parking lot, or just outside, pick another synonym for it sometimes, please.

All-in-all I enjoyed the book and would probably read more of her books.